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 Power Electronics Trainer

 Power Electronics Trainer ( 9 applications)     Model No. PET-931


Objective      : To study Char. & applications of  Diac, Triac, UJT & SCR


Applications :           1.   Characteistics of   Diac

                                     2.   Characteistics of   Triac

                                     3.   Characteistics of  UJT 

                                     4.   Characteistics of  SCR

                                     5.   Characteistics of  Diode

                                     6.   Study of  UJT as  Relaxation Oscillator.

                                     7.   Light Intensity control using SCR

                                     8.   Light Intensity control using TRIAC

                                     9.   Study of SCR Triggering Circuits.


Features       It has built in two dual dc regulated power supplies 0-5/15 volts and

                                 0-20/40 volts dc., four analogue meters are provided on front panel

                                 to measure the DC voltage and current,  AC supply of  0-17-34 V

                                 volts are also provided, Electric bulb of 12 volts 18 watt., Load

                                 resistance 100 ohms to 1000 ohms, Fixed resistance R1 = 1K W,          

                         R2 = 2.2K W , R3 = 10K W  are provided for different uses,

                                 Potentiometer of 22 K ohms are is provided for intensity control