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 Wheatstone Bridges

Portable wheatstone Bridge  ( Educational Model )       

(Range - 0.001 Ohms to 11.11 Meg Ohms)                        

Provided with In-built  Battery & Galvanometer.

Portable Wheatstone Bridge

Objective : This test set has been designed to provide an accurate and sensitive instrument for measurement of Resistance.                   

Features : This set is entirely contained with a dry battery and a galvanometer. Arrangement has been provided to use the external galvanometer or the high voltage source for increasing the sensitivity of the bridge.                              

Range : 0.001 ohms to 11.11 Meg-ohms.

Series Arm : Four decades in steps of 1,10,100 & 1Kohms which can be used as series resistance box also.

Ratio Arms : The ratio arms of the bridge are provided with multiplying factors of 0.001,0.01,0.1,1,10,100 and 1000 for resistance measurements.