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 DE- Sauty Bridge

De-Sauty Bridge    for capacitance measurement                               

Complete in all respect, no external component required

De-Sauty Bridge to determine Capacitance of a Capacitor

R1 ....... 3 decade resistance dials having range X 10 ,100 & 1K ohms.

R2 ...... Three more decade of same value as above.

C1 ...... Standard Capacitors having .1 mfd and .2 mfd.

C2 ..... Four unknown Capacitors are provided.

Inbuilt A.C supply of frequency 1 KHz and  Digital Null Detector for AC balance is provided. 6 interconnection Leads with  4mm banana plugs, 4 unknown Capacitances are provided on board. Comprehensive  User’s Manual will explain required results.